How to upgrade from version 4.x to version 5

Version History

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Version 5.1.8

Download Update Patch Version 5.1.8 (zip format)

Improved opening time for category, group and item setup screens.

New feature: Auxiliaty Printers (Kitchen printers) coordination . When two or more auxiliary printers are used, a message "Other parts of the order being made at other station" will be printed to notify the kitchen staff. Optional, the list of items sent to the other printers can be printed on each other printer.

Fixed error that may occur processing a credit card payment using PC-EFTPOS (Australia only)

Other fixes and improvements.

New feature: Random Weight Items. Set up barcodes for variable weight items, such as prepared foods, meat, etc. Those barcode are printed on a Weight Scale with built-in label printer.

Commercial grade CAS PD-II weight scale is now supported for items that are sold by weight.

Increased font size on virtual keyobard.

Fixed error that occurred if the user changes group or page while an item is been modified .

Fixed error that occurred generating the Daily Closing Report if the data contains a Pay-Out with more than 30 characters in the field Pay To.

Other fixes and improvements.

Added new report: Sales by order type.

Other fixes and improvements.

Fixed bug introduced in v5.3.1 that caused Staff Bank feature issues.

Added manager authorization to reopen orders when password security is disabled.

Fixed bug in Sales by hour report showing same hour in multiple lines

Other minor fixes and improvements.

Fixed error that may occur when searching items manually in Item setup screen and in retail screen that cause system instability generating random errors in other areas.

Other minor fixes and improvements.

Added manager authorization to reopen orders when password security is disabled.

Fixed bug in Driver Delivery Summary report where delivery compensation was calculated incorrectlty.

Other minor fixes and improvements.

General performance improvement. Faster loading when opening the program.

Changed version numbering to 3 digits.

Fixed several minor bugs.

Fixed bug introduced in v.5.0.18: Using the "Change Table" function in Dine-In screen causes the order loses the amount due and other data.

Improved loading time in "Dine In" screen

Enhancement: Visual feedback of validation errors

Other minor fixes

Enhancement: Added a new setting to require drivers to clock-in when using the Quick Driver Dispatch feature.

Enhancement: Print number of guests on kitchen ticket

New feauture for Retail Mode: Favorites items. Now it is possible to mark items as favorites via touch buttons.

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug: When using multi-price, if the item's quantity is changed, the default price is applied instead of the price set by order type.

Fixed bug: Auto grautity applied when modifing orders that should not apply auto gratuity.

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug: Sometimes an error occurred during order combine process

Other minor fixes

Added setting to require permission to void credit card payments when using CAYAN or Worldpay integration

Fixed some bugs on the kitchen/Bar Display module.

Kitchen/Bar Display version 2 requires ZeusPOS v.

Added new layout of 5 vertical orders to Kitchen/Bar Display module

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug: Sometimes an error occurred during order split process

Other minor fixes

Improved loading time in Item Setup screen.

Added setting to print number of items sold on customer receipt.

Added item price and item cost totals in Current Item Quantity report

Other minor fixes

New feature: Surcharge per item. Now it is possible apply fixed amount surcharge per each item.

Fixed bug: A error message sometimes showed up after combining orders if there was not cashier started.

Other important fixes

Fixed bug: Fixed bug with gratuities sometimes not showing in the cashier closing report

Fixed bug: Fixed problem where sometimes the print dialog screen goes behind and locks the system.

Other important fixes

Security enhancement: Added setting to require manager permission to return items

Fixed bug: Cashier In/Out screen sometimes opens with old values in money count fields.

Fixed bug: Modified order log not registering the original order before changes.

Fixed bug: Pay-Out amount not showing in Daily Closing Report.

Other important fixes

Security enhancement: Employee password in Back Office->Employee Setup screen is now masked with * for security.

Fixed bug: If a discount was added to an item and then the discount was removed while creating a new order, at the time of saving the order, an error occurred and the order did not save.

Fixed bug: Error adding additional options to a pizza that was created with the pizza builder

Other important fixes

NEW Feature: Notes setup. Default notes buttons now can be edited.

Fixed bug: Tickets are not printed correctly formatted or not printed correctly from Combine Screen, Split Screen and Customer screen, when printer type is set to THERMAL AUTOCUT with some printer models.

Other important fixes

NEW: ZeusPOS v. now supports credit card processing with PC-EFTPOS. (AUSTRALIA)

Fixed an issue where orders were not linking the customer if the customer screen was opened from the order entry screen.

Fixed bug: Error and program crash opening the cash drawer before Cashier logged in.

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug: Print credit card receipt button visible when not using credit card integration.

Fixed bug: In some cases, the total amounts become incorrect if options are voided when editing an order.

Added new setting to disable update notification.

Enhancement: Added new feature to calculate total on foreign currency

Fixed bug: Countable items not restocking when item is voided in an edited order.

Other minor fixes.

Maintenance updates.

Fixed bug: low stock alert not saving for specific item.

Fixed bug: Fixed error message openeing Generate Labels screen when there is no Dymo printer is installed.

Fixed bug: Pizza builder quantities not applying to size and crust style.

Fixed bug: Import items from csv file error.

Fixed bug: Error when Clicking change server button when no employee password is required.

Fixed bug: Error transfering orders from one employee to another.

Enhancement: Notification message when a new update is available

Download latest update patch for version 4


Fixed bug: In some cases, the total amounts become incorrect if options are voided when editing an order.

Fixed bug where in some cases a voided option still was printed when using printer type Thermal Autocut 80mm.

Fixed bug where employees still can modify other's orders ignoring the setting to prevent that.

Fixed bug in Employee Setup where every time a record is saved the first employee in the list is selected

Update to support Cayan latest PCI Council's encryption protocol requirement of TLS 1.2

This update is required for users using CAYAN for credit card payments

ZeusPOS now requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher

Windows XP is not longer supported. ZeusPOS v4.3.7 is not compatible with Windows XP