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Version History

Fixed bug where in some cases a voided option still was printed when using printer type Thermal Autocut 80mm.

Fixed bug where employees still can modify other's orders ignoring the setting to prevent that.

Fixed bug in Employee Setup where every time a record is saved the first employee in the list is selected

Update to support Cayan latest PCI Council's encryption protocol requirement of TLS 1.2

This update is required for users using CAYAN for credit card payments

ZeusPOS now requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher

Windows XP is not longer supported. ZeusPOS v4.3.7 is not compatible with Windows XP

Maintenance update

Fixed bug: In refund module, a crash occurred if a non numeric value was entered as order number.

Enhancement: Allow to print suggested gratuities with no gratuity line.

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug: In Retail mode, quantities not applying correctly for linked items

Fixed bug: In Retail mode, quantities not applying correctly for XY pricing

Other minor fixes

Fixed bug. Reopen order button no visible when employee password is not required to enter settle screen.

Other minor fixes

Fixed error on gift card payments when employee password is not required.

Fixed Refunds and Pay Outs no accepting decimal amounts

Added new security settings: Permission to reprint customer recipts, Permission to access Back Office (only apply to managers), Permission to void items on new orders

Other fixes and improvements.

Fixed bug: When no password required is used, clocking in/out employees may cause the system don't accept payments.

Fixed: Cursor no moving to end on order notes.

Other minor fixes and improvements.

Enhancement: Ability to search customers by postal code.

Other minor fixes and improvements.

Enhancement: Ability to apply surcharge automatically.

Fixed bug: Default Options sometimes not scrolling right or left after entering to More Options.

Enhancement: Now is possible to remove items at the item setup screen directly.

Fixed bug: Options not printing when using internal language and printer type EPSON

Enhancement: Allow to set quantities to linked items

Other minor fixes and improvements

Enlarged keypad for employee access

Other fixes and improvements

New Feature: XY pricing. Allows to define price breaks for items when a customer buys more than one of an item. For example, an item is discounted if the customer buys two of them (2 for 1 pricing)

Added new setting to group identical items by qty in the same line.

Other minor fixes and improvements

New Feature: Options price override and Options limits

Added setting to allow report access to employees and cashiers

Other minor fixes and improvements

New Feature: Combine Order

Added a separator line for the items printed to the kitchen printer

Added a new setting to unlink the option's quantity from its parent item. Also a numeric pad was added to the options screen to set options quantity if needed.

Other fixes and minor improvements

Fixed problem with table setup sometimes becoming unresponsive

Added the ability to print a voided mark and timestamp on voided tickets

Other fixes and minor improvements

New Feature: Auto gratuity.

New Feature: Print suggested gratuity values.

New Feature: Pop-up option categories.

New Feature: Default tax exemptions for services.

Minor bug fixes

Added: capability to handle decimals in item quantity on hand.

Added quick customer name input in order entry screen.

Show tax total in cashier closing report

Fixed bug calculating tax when discount after tax is enabled.

Added recall button on Entry screen

Fixed error deleting groups

Other Minor fixes

Added new option to clone items in item setup. Make easier build the menu/inventory by cloning similar items in the same group.

Minor fixes