Kitchen / Bar Display

Additional Software module for ZeusPOS

For Computers and Tablets running Windows

  • Save Money Spent on Printer Paper
  • Supports up to 4 Displays
  • Works With Touch Screens, Keyboard or Mouse
  • Handles up to 8 orders at once

Try it free for 35 days before purchase the license key

Download ZeusPOS K/B Display

Get ZeusPOS Kitchen / Bar Display License for just $45.00

* Requires ZeusPOS v5.0.0.12 or higher. Computer or Tablet running Windows. Network connection (wired or wireless) to the main computer running ZeusPOS v5.0.0.12+. Click here if you need more information or to request your license key.

Adaptable to any screen size

Using a 19" Monitor - Layout 3

Using a 21" Monitor - Layout 6

Using a 24" Monitor - Layout 8

Using a Windows Tablet - Layout 2

Using a Windows Tablet - Layout 1 - Vertical