ZeusPOS have teamed up with Worldpay Payments to bring leading credit card processing solutions to your business.

ZeusPOS v5 is certified with dsiEMVUS integration method.

Download Worldpay Credit Card Setup Guide

ZeusPOS Requires Verifone P400 (USB interface)
Please contact Wolrdpay/Vantiv for price and details



Global Payments

ZeusPOS teamed up with TSYS (formerly CAYAN) to bring leading credit card solutions to your business, providing latest EMV security and PCI Compliance. This service is only available in the Unites States.

ZeusPOS v5 uses CAYAN's Genius platform for credit card processing. With Genius platform, customers can pay how they want, where they want, and be on their way quickly.

ZeusPOS v5 is compatible with Genius Coutertop MX925 and P400

Contact CAYAN: [email protected]


Dejavoo's mission is to provide the payment industry with a unique, agnostic offering of secured terminal products. The perfect payment solution to help increase sales for your business. 

ZeusPOS v5.2  is certified with Smarty Payments via Dejavoo System Offering Exclusive Rates for ZeusPOS users for USA and Puerto Rico. Please reach at out for a quote to: 

Eduardo Morales
(787) 220-7029
[email protected]

Still, want to use your own processors? Zeus POS can be easily certified on a wide variety of processors via Dejavoo Systems. If you as a merchant wants to use a particular processor, please reach out and ask for certification to [email protected] to discuss integrating with any of the processors in this list:

Eduardo Morales
(787) 220-7029
[email protected]

Linkly (formerly PC-EFTPOS Pty Ltd) is the leading specialist supplier of Integrated EFTPOS payment solutions in Australia. ZeusPOS and Linkly provide integrated EFTPOS payments. This service is only available in Australia.

More details about Linkly at www.linkly.com.au

CLICK HERE TO Contact Linkly