New Kitchen / Bar Display Module

Restaurant/Fast Food

The power of touch devices

  • Graphic/Text group and item buttons
  • Custom display position for each group and items
  • Apply discounts to the order and items
  • Switch between Retail/Touch screen to scan barcoded items
  • Receive the payment or hold the order

Retail Mode

  • Use scanner to scan barcoded items
  • Find them quickly using the virtual keyboard on screen or the fisical keyboard
  • Receive the payment or hold the order
  • Quick search by code or description if barcode scanner is not available
  • Apply discounts to the order and items

Delivery / Customers Screen

  • Customer database
  • Quickly find a customer by phone number to make delivery orders
  • Driver Dispatch

Settle Screen

  • See all open orders and apply payments.
  • Receive payments in cash, check or credit card (credit card thru separate terminal)
  • Apply gratuities to orders in restaurant mode

EMV Credit Card Payments

Reports Module

  • Complete set of reports
  • View reports on screen
  • Print reports in your ink or laser printer
  • Export reports to MS Excel or PDF format
  • Loss prevention: reduce theft and fraud with log of modified orders, voided items, voided payments and more.
  • New in version 5: Automatically send Reports to a designated email

Back Office

  • Manage all administrative and setup tasks
  • Configure printers, cash drawer, customer display, etc.